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Walk a mile in my shoes…

Walk a mile in my shoes,
Spend a day as me.
And you’ll know the truth,
Something I never let anyone see.

You’ll see how well i act,
What a god show i put on.
You’ll see what’s a lie and what’s a fact
And how my heart is torn

I’m torn between the devil and the high sea
I’m suffering every day
All this you will see
And then hear me say

Walk a mile in my shoes,
Spend a day as me.
And you’ll know the truth,
Something I never let anyone see.

You’ll see how much I value you all,
And why I depend on you so.
You’ll understand that without your help I’ll fall,
All this you’ll know, and more.

So before you jump to any conclusions,
Before you lay down any rules.
Take a look at my tribulations
And walk a mile in my shoes.

Say it..

“‎If you love someone you tell them, even if you’re scared that it’s not the right thing, even if you’re scared that it’ll cause problems, even if you’re scared that it’ll burn your life to the ground, you say it and you say it out loud and you go from there.”

I know of people who are in ‘love’ but wouldn’t admit so.. Reason being the fear of hurting/geeting hurt.. They build walls around them, run away… Etc..

Many of you readers probably do the same, who wants to get hurt after all ??
But how do you know without trying if someghing is gonna hurt you or no ??
Maybe there are people out there who actually love you but wouldn’t say so, coz the wall is too strong to break..
& if they do , maybe you want them to try harder.. To see whether they have the patience to wait for you or no !

And Inspite of all this, most of the times, you will find yourself reading a blog like this and wondering as to .. Darn! Thats totally me..

So in case it is you.. The hesitant-dont-wanna- hurt you … Then probably the wall has got too high for any one to try n see through it.. Time to make it shorter.. Time to let the breeze (read: love) flow in ..

Time to randomly tell people you love them, without thinking of the consequences, without thinking of hurt.. Time to just free yourself and leave it to Mr.God …
Time to be crazy..
Time to be irrational…
Time to live….
Time to breathe…

The Happiness List !!

Happy Things 🙂

1. Finding a good book.

2. Writing something you’re satisfied with.

3. Coffee. Especially Filter Coffee.

4. Good Music. That’s any music that makes you happy.

5. Memories, that make you smile.

6. Chocolate.

7. Pani-Puri. How I miss it !!

8. Friends. (that includes the TV show as well)

9. Finding a piece of instrumental music you’ve been looking for for ages. (p.s : I so don’t know to play it)

10. Siblings.

11. The Sea. It should have been on the top, but no order !

12. McD. McPuff. The Crust.

13. When people come back after a long time. Sigh

14. The Bandra-Worli Sealink.

15. Feeling tall.

16. Good pizza (not necessarily authentic, just good, I’m not fussy that way).

17. Masala Chai. Adrak n all 😀

18. Meeting an old friend after a long time.

19. Airports. The Feeling !

20. Travelling.

21. Surprises. Most of the times.

22. Running into someone you had nearly forgotten.

23. Getting a difficult sum right in the first attempt.

24. Finishing something difficult. I need the finishing Line :p

25. Looking through old photographs. Uh ! This is heart-melting.

26. Hotel room beds.

27. Singing.

28. Pianos & upbeat piano pieces (like Private Detective by Philip Lane).

29. Dreaming.

30. Dressing up.

31. Watching someone you love get married.

32. Sugarcane juice .

33. Old TV shows like Full House and Dekh-Bhai-Dekh.

34. Waking up and finding out you have hours left to sleep.

35. Turning your phone on after a long time (like after a long vacation) and seeing 3456789 unread messages.

36. Receiving email from real people.

37. Old Hindi songs. Bliss !

38. Trains.

39. Old notebooks filled with snippets of writing.

40. Shiny-glossy-post haircut-set-and-blowdried-hair.

41. School 😀

42. Getting accepted for publishing!

43. Being productive.

44. Fighting procrastination.

45. Sambar. Rasam. Ram-Ashray. Bliss !!

46. Nice movies.

47. Pretty pictures. Black & white clicks 🙂

48. Good TV Shows like – Castle, White Collar 😀

49. Songs that seem to be the story of your life.

50. Fix You by Coldplay.

People who stay !

Not everyone, and not everything, is meant to stay. There are things you don’t want to happen but they will and you have to accept ,people you can’t live without but you have to let go . Some circumstances and people come into your life just to strengthen you, so you can move on without them. Some people just aren’t meant to stay in our lives forever, maybe some people are just passing through. It’s like some people just come through our lives to bring us something , a lesson we need to learn , and that’s why they are there.

And as they say Most great things in your life won’t happen by chance, they will happen by choice. Same goes with people. While some people come in our lives for going,  there are others who choose to stay, no matter what circumstances, no matter what happens and where life takes you. They are there round the corners . If you look back , you’ll realise some people who were once a huge part of ur life arent there today, maybe because of circumstances or just lost touch in the busiest lifes. Dont feel sad about them , instead think of the people who make your world a special place just by being in it. There are people in everyone’s life who stick to you by your pony tail days to your wedding day and even beyond that , the people whom you took bicycle rides with and now celebrating the joy of first salary. Life is indeed all about such people only. They are the ones who will irritate you the most , fight with you , become unbearable at times but these unbearable ones are the ones you need the most in your life. Be thankful for the people who came and never left.

Looking for…

Walking on a path
where most find themselves,
I seem to find
not even the shadow of me.

Life never felt like a war before.
Now its all about,
One day at a time
Only to see myself survive today
and fall weak tomorrow.

This journey has brought,
much good to me.
People, most precious to me.
But now its on a down swing.
how i want to hold on to that
But don’t wish to drag them in.

So I’m in this alone
my will to survive
gets weaker as i go.
not giving up yet
just looking…
Looking for a life,
To start Living again.

The First..

Hi People,

I am an Inked Soul 🙂

I already have a blog, but this is my escape from the not-so-good phase that I am going through. Nobody knows who I am here.. so no judging 🙂

I can rant, I Can joke…I can cry here.. and it wont be a Big Deal !

So hello everyone… and welcome to Me !

Hello world!

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Happy blogging!

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