“‎If you love someone you tell them, even if you’re scared that it’s not the right thing, even if you’re scared that it’ll cause problems, even if you’re scared that it’ll burn your life to the ground, you say it and you say it out loud and you go from there.”

I know of people who are in ‘love’ but wouldn’t admit so.. Reason being the fear of hurting/geeting hurt.. They build walls around them, run away… Etc..

Many of you readers probably do the same, who wants to get hurt after all ??
But how do you know without trying if someghing is gonna hurt you or no ??
Maybe there are people out there who actually love you but wouldn’t say so, coz the wall is too strong to break..
& if they do , maybe you want them to try harder.. To see whether they have the patience to wait for you or no !

And Inspite of all this, most of the times, you will find yourself reading a blog like this and wondering as to .. Darn! Thats totally me..

So in case it is you.. The hesitant-dont-wanna- hurt you … Then probably the wall has got too high for any one to try n see through it.. Time to make it shorter.. Time to let the breeze (read: love) flow in ..

Time to randomly tell people you love them, without thinking of the consequences, without thinking of hurt.. Time to just free yourself and leave it to Mr.God …
Time to be crazy..
Time to be irrational…
Time to live….
Time to breathe…